Brushes and paintbrush raw materialsfrom Ersehof near Brunswick

In 1930 the founder Gustav Erfurthmade himself independent in the hairand bristle trade and began soonafterwards with the bristles and Haarzurichterei. After the second world war theenterprise on about 60 employees grew.

In 1953 after the escape from the GDR, a new beginning occurred in the bristlesand Haarzurichterei in Ersehof.

In 1956 the company went over to thesecond generation.


Another layout occurred in 1972 – thanthe first justifier we processed excluding bristles from China. From now on oneconcentrated upon the refining hair and bristles.

In 1995 Jan Erfurth took over theenterprise in the third generation, in 2000 followed him his cousin Holger Erfurth.

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