The hair and bristles processing andrefining offers the brothers Erfurth OHG.

Our programme of delivery encloses:

  • Horsehairs (horse hair)
  • Cattle hair
  • Goat Hair
  • Pork bristles
  • Vegetable fibers (Arenga, coconut palm, Mexico Fibre, etc. )
  • mixtures
  • Synethic (Nylon, PPN, PVC ect. )

Every brush raw material or paintbrushraw material offers different qualities and operational areas. Our products are used there by horsehair brushes through bristle brush up to art fiber broom – everywhere.

The shuffle, postcooking and trade of brush raw materials and paintbrush rawmaterials performs our Zurichterei. Wemix, cut and trim the fiber on your desired quality and length.

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